The Certified Celebrator Cruise

We are so excited to have you on board for our inaugural Crafty Cruise! 

Carnival Triumph               March 03 – 08, 2018        Five nights out of New Orleans, LA

Brittany young  Certified Celebrator, finding a reason to celebrate, decorate, and love everyday

Brittany young  Certified Celebrator, finding a reason to celebrate, decorate, and love everyday

Cruise Itinerary:

Date    Port of Call                Arrival Time        Departure Time

03Mar    New Orleans, LA                ----                        04:00PM

04Mar    Fun Day at Sea                      Two Crafty Classes

05Mar    Cozumel, Mexico            08:00AM                 05:00PM        

06Mar    Yucatan, Mexico             09:00AM                 05:00PM

07Mar    Fun Day at Sea        1 Crafty Class and 1 Q&A w/ Brittany 

08Mar    New Orleans, LA            08:00AM                      ----


Prices include all taxes, port charges and government fees. 

  • Interior Cabin:          Starting at $466 per person based on double occupancy.
  • Ocean View Cabin:    Starting at $556 per person based on double occupancy.
  • Balcony Cabin:        Starting at $686 per person based on double occupancy.

Single passengers:  Cruise lines in general do not have single cabins (except one and we are not cruising with them). The cost for a single passenger is two cruise fares with one set of taxes, port charges, government fees and gratuities. Thus, the price is almost the same as for two. My suggestion would be to look for others within the group that may like a roommate. We are not charging the supply fee to single travelers without first speaking with you. 

3rd and 4th Guests priced upon request.

Pricing for 3-5 passengers:  We need to price that individually as it is not a contracted rate. This far in advance, it should not fluctuate much for a few months. A full deposit will be due for any cabin holding over two people. The reason for this is that you must have an immediate cabin assignment as there are a limited number of cabins for multiple passengers.  Elite Travel Designs will post on the Crafty Cruise Facebook page when Carnival announces Reduced Deposit Sales.

  - Please remember that we can book promotional pricing into the group (past guest, early saver, casino, etc.).             - Any Carnival Cruise promotional sale rate may also be booked into the group.  The promotional rate rules will preempt the group cruise rate rules.   This will allow you to enjoy the sale rate along with the group amenities.

Certified Celebrator Supply Fee:  $275 non-refundable

Gratuities:  $64.75 per person.  They can be prepaid at final payment or added to your onboard Sign and Sail account at the end of the cruise.  These gratuities pay for your waiters in the dining room and your cabin attendants.


  • Group Airfare:  Southwest Airlines pricing will be available late July to early August.  Group airfare will be offered departing Nashville, TN the morning of the cruise along with a second option flying in the day prior to enjoy New Orleans.
  • Group Hotel:  A pre-cruise group hotel rate will be available to passengers whether driving or flying for Friday night.
  • Parking at the Port of New Orleans is $20 per day (subject to change per the Port Authority).

 Cruise Payment Schedule:

  • Initial Cruise Deposit:    $50 per person non-refundable/non-transferable for a guaranteed cabin. $150 per person for an immediate cabin assignment.  
  •  $275 Certified Celebrator Supply Fee will be due at deposit and charged separately.
  • Second Cruise Deposit:    $150 per person due by October 31, 2017.
  • Final Cruise Payment:   Due by December 15, 2017.

The difference between the $50 per person group deposit and the "full" $150 per person (unless on sale):  The $50 per person group deposit guarantees you a cabin within your selected category (interior, ocean view, balcony). When you reach a total of $150 per person paid on the cabin, you then receive a Carnival booking ID and assigned a specific cabin number. That will be your cabin and you can then book shore excursions, spa appointments, etc.  Paying the “full” deposit gives you an immediate booking ID and cabin assignment.

Additional payments may be made to Elite Travel Designs at any time.

Travel Insurance:

Elite Travel Designs encourages clients to take optional Travel Insurance.  Pricing varies per person based on age and total package price.

Cruise Cancellation Penalties:

  • $50 per person cancellation penalty through December 15, 2017.
  • $150 per person cancellation penalty December 16 through January 16, 2018.
  • 50% of cruise fare per person January 17 through February 01, 2018.
  • 75% of cruise fare per person February 02 through February 16, 2018.
  • 100% of total cruise fare per person for cancellations made February 17, 2018 through sail date.

Travel Documentation:

A passport is highly recommended.  Legally, you may cruise with a state issued birth certificate along with a government issued photo ID.  Without a passport, you would not be allowed to fly home if there was an emergency.  You would need to finish the cruise.



Two checked bags per person are allowed per Carnival Cruise Lines.  Please bring a carry on with a change of clothes, medications, valuables and other necessities, as your bags may not be delivered to your cabin until early evening.

Make sure to leave plenty of luggage space for craft projects and goodies to take home. 


Participants who require special assistance must have a travelling companion who is capable of and willing to accept total responsibility for providing needed assistance.  Please inform Elite Travel Designs if you have any special needs including physical, dietary requirement or pregnancy.  All cruise lines have guidelines pertaining to these conditions that we must adhere to.