The Guide to Booking Spring Break

The next big travel holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas, but looking ahead to Spring Break will guarantee you better prices than if you begin booking after the holidays. As the masses are gearing up for Pumpkin Spice Lattes and thinking about Christmas wish lists, you'll be saving yourself money by exploring your options now. 

1. Begin by considering your travel mates.

If you're traveling with family, you'll want to consider different hotel accommodations than if you were traveling with your best buds. Planning ahead means you have a better selection of hotels from which to choose. Quiet hallways at bedtime can make or break a trip, especially with little ones. Read reviews or work with a travel agent to get a sense of which hotels might be most appropriate for your group. 

2. Think about what you want to do. 

Are you eager to get your toes in the sand, or do you miss the buzz of the city? Narrow down your travel options by the things you want to spend your trip doing. If you're looking for a relaxing week with lots of down time, you may want to head to the coast. If you prefer to stay on the move, your week may be best spent in a city. Can't decide? Don't worry, a good travel agent can help you find the best of both worlds. You can either plan for some activities and excursions on your relaxing beach vacation, or you can make sure to get in some time at the spa in the city. 

3. Determine your budget. 

Figuring out your budget will help you make decisions. You'll also find that your money will go farther if you're booking early. Communicate your budget to your travel agent so you get a more focused list of options for hotels, flights, and activities. Want a five star hotel on a three star budget? Consider the location of your accommodations. A five star hotel on the beach carries a different price than a five star hotel a few blocks off the beach. Be ready to trade off some features to offset the price depending on what's most important to you. 

These quick tips will get you started and help you take care of travel plans early for the best prices and options. Knowing your budget, travel mates, and what you want to do will save you lots of time or help your travel agent find you the perfect vacation.