Top 5 Travel Apps: Don't Leave Home Without Them

In the age of the competing iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones, lines that extend for blocks for new phone releases, and text language that's getting increasingly more difficult to decipher, you may as well take advantage of the technology. The phones we rarely leave home without hold lots of travel tools that can make your trip go more smoothly. Here are the top 5 travel apps we recommend:

1. Gate Guru

You may have some downtime at the airport during your travel. Gate Guru tells you what restaurants and shops you can find at a glance, and the businesses are organized by terminal, so you can search within your own terminal or look at all the options in the airport. If your location settings are turned on, it even automatically knows which airport you're in. 

2. Find My Car Smarter

It's bad enough when you go to the mall and forget where you parked, but this can be infinitely more stressful when you're in an unfamiliar city and can't find your car. The Find My Car Smarter parking app allows you to flag your car location. When you're ready to go back to your car, let the app guide you back. Upgrade to the Pro version of the app and it will automatically save your parking location so you don't even have to remember to tell it where you parked.

3. Around Me

Around Me does exactly what you think it might do. When you launch the app you'll see categories like Banks/ATM, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Parking, and many more. When you select a category, the app will pull a list of nearby businesses that fall within the selected category. You can even sort Restaurants by whether or not they accept reservations. With a map view or list view available, you'll have a much easier time figuring out where to go next. 

4. Uber

Uber is revolutionizing the taxi industry from within your phone. Download the app and go through a quick sign up process. From then on, you'll be able to request a car, see how many nearby available cars there are, or get a quote on the trip you'd like to take. Uber is fast, reliable, and often cheaper than a regular taxi. 

5. Open Table

Open Table is an app similar to Around Me in that it pulls a list view or map view of nearby restaurants. Unlike Around Me, Open Table is only focused on restaurants, but it also has more functionality from within the app. Select your location or let the app use your current location, then review the list of restaurants and ratings. You can make a reservation at your restaurant of choice from within the app, and with the new iOS update, you'll even be able to pay your check from the app after you've eaten. 

What other apps do you find useful in travel? Share them here!