Repositioning Cruises Explained and Demystified

You’ve heard of cruises. Perhaps you’ve taken a cruise with Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, or one of the other well-known cruise lines. Maybe your friends have come back raving about the unforgettable week they spent island hopping in luxury by cruise ship. It’s possible that you’re an expert on the 3-4 day or week long cruise scene, but what is this repositioning cruise that seems to be popping up everywhere? We’ll tell you what all the fuss is about and what you need to know about repositioning cruises and their popularity.

What is a repositioning cruise?

Most cruises you’ve been on or looked into probably choose a popular vacation region and spend time traveling among these ports, introducing passengers to the excursions that each location boasts on travel sites everywhere. Repositioning cruises are longer trips (2-4 weeks) that involve going from one sailing region to another. So your cruise on the Pacific could now take you into the Atlantic waters, letting you experience changes in water, temperature, scenery, and major shifts in location while you stay in complete luxury aboard the ship. 

Why would you want to take a repositioning cruise?

So why take a repositioning cruise? Travelers enjoy the longer time on the water for a variety of reasons. If you’ve ever crammed three islands into one week, you can appreciate the on the go hustle and bustle it involves. A longer cruise means more time for relaxation, the ability to take in your surroundings a little more, and exposure to more variety in your travel. If you can’t decide among Fiji, Hawaii, and Sydney, you no longer have to!

How do you book a lengthy cruise to places I’d love to visit?

Work with a travel agent experienced in cruise bookings to have all of the information you’d ever need in an instant. You can spend hours, days, and even weeks researching different itineraries and cruise ship options. Travel agents know which cruise lines are known for your areas of interest and they can help you find the ship and itinerary you’ll enjoy the most. Cunard, SilverSea, Regent, Oceania, Celebrity, Princess, and Holland America cruise lines are among those that offer a great selection of quality repositioning cruise experiences. Relaxation and exotic destinations await you!