Interview with a Travel Pro

We chatted with a flight attendant on a recent cross-country Southwest flight. A retired prison nurse, Catherine will be 75 years young next month. She’s been working with the airline for 12 years.

  1. Favorite travel tip: “For my passengers? I’d tell them to check their bags!” Editor’s Note: on this particular airline, there is no additional charge for two checked bags per ticketed passenger.
  2. Most interesting thing ever seen: “Flying into NYC and seeing the new One World Trade Center for the first time after it was finished.”
  3. Biggest pet peeve: “Passengers who don’t obey the fasten seatbelt sign.” With the authority one might expect from a retired prison nurse, she then politely reminded me to buckle up.
  4. Most interesting place ever visited: “Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. It’s beautiful in every season. During winter, the American side ices but the river continues to flow, and you can see it best from the Canadian side. I used to live there, but I never get tired of it.”
  5. Favorite thing about Southwest: “The way they treat their employees. Southwest offers great training for their employees. We’re here for your safety and security.” She reflected a moment, then finished: “I’m doing what I wanted to do 57 years ago. Southwest gave me the opportunity to do it.”

With Southwest’s recent acquisition of AirTran Airways, Catherine and her husband are looking forward to Southwest’s expanded route map, which will include Aruba later this summer. Click here for more information on Southwest’s new international destinations.