Top 28 Travel Hacks

Everyone loves a good life hack. Here are a few of our favorites for travel:

Planning your trip:

  1. Take advantage of the lower cost accommodation nights – hotels are often cheaper on Sunday nights
  2. Check out internet deal sites like Groupon, Amazon Local, and Living Social for restaurant or activity deals in your destination city
  3. Follow social media pages for museums at your destination to catch free or discounted days
  4. Check out hotel park / sleep / fly packages near your origination airport, take the airport shuttle to catch your flight, and leave your car at the hotel instead of paying for airport parking
  5. If you’ve got a long layover, buy a day pass to the airline’s business class lounge for food, drink, wifi, TV, showers, etc
  6. Go deep instead of broad: plan stay in one place and get to know it better, rather than trying to see more places in less time – you’ll save money and you’ll get more from your trip
  7. Choose nighttime train or air travel to save on hotel accommodations; and reserve your daytime hours for exploration

Before you leave:

  1. Keep extra plastic baggies in your suitcase
  2. Roll your clothes instead of folding them to maximize space
  3. Pack your shoes in a shower cap to keep them together and keep your clothes clean
  4. Put a layer of plastic wrap between the bottle and the cap to prevent liquids from spilling
  5. Mark your checked luggage as FRAGILE to ensure your luggage is handled carefully and is among the first off the plane
  6. Pack a pen in your carry on
  7. Frequent flyers, check out TSA’s PreCheck program to reduce your security wait
  8. Frequent international travelers, check out US Custom’s Global Entry to reduce your Customs’ wait
  9. Get Appy: GateGuru, TripIt, or FlightView are great for organizing your flight details, finding things to do on layovers at the airport, and staying up to date on gate changes and flight delays
  10. Invest in a Scottevest for safely and fashionably carrying all your critical things without the added carry-on
  11. Use your smartphone to photograph your suitcase before you check it
  12. Get creative with your jewelry packing: use a button as an earring holder, use a medicine organizer to store rings or other small pieces, store your necklaces in a straw to keep the chain from tangling
  13. Take an empty water bottle in your carry-on and refill it once you’re past security
  14. Take pictures of maps and important documents with your smartphone, so that when you need them you don’t have to find wifi or pay roaming fees

While you’re there:

  1.  Put your valuables in an empty sunblock bottle when going to the beach or to the pool
  2. Put your hotel TV’s remote control in a plastic baggie to avoid the ickies
  3. Use a fanny pack – opt for function over fashion
  4. Get your travel snacks and drinks in a local grocery store instead of the hotel room’s minibar
  5. Use ATMs to get local currency and avoid the exorbitant fees and bad exchange rates of airport currency conversions (note, there will be credit card fees involved, but you should still come out ahead)
  6. When traveling internationally and using foreign cash, keep track of your expenditures to prevent overspending with unfamiliar currency
  7. Keep a list of your emergency contacts in writing, away from your phone and wallet

Got any good travel tips? Share them here!