Journaling Your Journey

If it’s all about the journey and not about the destination for you, then you’ll want to document the details of your travels for your future reminiscing pleasure. In today’s techno-savvy world, there are now more options than ever to record your route to happiness. Here are five options for journaling your journey:

1.    Old World Journal

Nothing says wanderlust like a vintage, leather-bound journal with pages upon pages of poetic scribbles, wispy sketches, and espresso stains. The charm of this classic chronicle will never go out of style, and it doesn’t rely on fragmented wifi connections to serve its purpose. And won’t you feel cool at a Parisian cafe by the River Seine, with your baguette and well-traveled book of memories in hand. Downside: cool and classy, but it doesn’t back up to the cloud (read: don’t drop it in the River Seine with your baguette when you stop to feed the fish).

2.    Instant Scrapbooks

If you’re neither crafty enough to wield a decorative edger nor curious enough to bother Googling the phrase “decorative edger,” then try an instant scrapbook. Websites like Shutterfly and Mixbook offer beautiful and professional-quality books from your uploaded photos for a surprisingly low price. Perusing your pics while uploading them may be just as enjoyable as taking them, sans the sounds of the bustling foreign city or the humid scent of the rainforest. Prefer the handcrafted look? By all means, get your decorative edger ready (or find a friend who has one and knows how to use it).

3.    Travel Blog

If you’ve got a way with words and a reliable internet connection at least every few days, then a travel blog may be your globe-trotting go-to.  Blog-friendly sites like Wordpress and Blogger are free and fairly intuitive to use, with a multitude of pre-developed templates for every taste. Taking time during your trip to reflect and write may help ensure you’re fully savoring your travels, capturing the moment in your own words throughout.

4.    Dedicated Social Media Page

The modern-day equivalent to inviting the neighbors over for cocktails and a slideshow of your big vacation, a dedicated social media page is the quickest way to communicate to the Joneses all that they’re missing. While social media can certainly instill immediate envy in your cube-dwelling colleagues, these pages give picture-happy road warriors the opportunity to have two-way conversations with their home-based fan club. Downside: if you’re going to the right places, you probably won’t have wifi.

As technology evolves, so will the blogosphere with new formats for capturing your travel moments. What’s your favorite way to save your memories?