Top Five Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

So you’ve found yourself with a little vacation time and money and now comes the daunting task of figuring out the details. Even for a travel pro on the Internet, this means hours of researching, price checking, itinerary configuring and reading of reviews. Here are a few reasons to use a travel agent, even for the experienced jet setter.

1.     It’s free and can save you money

Not only is it absolutely free for you to use a travel agent, but it can actually save you additional money because agents are on top of it when it comes to promotions. They know the current promotions and they know all the catches.

2.     It’s personalized

You don’t even have to know where you want to go. Tell your travel agent what you imagine your perfect getaway to be and leave it to the expert to find the perfect vacation match. Some islands are better for scuba diving, others are better for seeing historical ruins. Your travel agent has either already been there or has booked a similar trip and gotten important feedback that can be useful to you.

3.     You can save time

Sure you can do your own research, but shouldn’t you be tying up loose ends at the office, getting the family ready to go and finding a dog sitter? Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should. Your time is probably better spent knocking out the rest of your to do list while you let your agent sort through the details of where to go, how to get there and what to do once you’re there.

4.     They're experts

Your travel agent will help you avoid inconvenient and expensive travel mistakes. You don’t want to book a fifteen minute layover at O’Hare just because it was a few hundred dollars cheaper than a different itinerary. Sure you’ll save money at first, but booking a new flight because you missed your connection won’t be cheap. Trusting an expert will take the stress out of your trip and you can rest assured that your family will have safe and convenient accommodations where you can get the best value for your money.

5.     They're on your side

Even the best laid out plans can sometimes go wrong because of events out of everybody’s control. When these unexpected things occur, your travel agent can have you on another flight before your flight is even announced as officially cancelled over the airport loudspeaker. Time is critical when an entire flight of passengers has to be rebooked or needs overnight accommodations. Having an expert on your side to make sure you can still get where you’re going and that you’re properly refunded where applicable is important. 

You may still decide that this isn’t enough to convince you to spend your hard earned money on bringing an expert on board to make sure that you travel effortlessly, stress-free and safely, but that’s where we’d like to remind you that it’s FREE!