Use Technology to Save for Your Vacation

Planning a vacation requires a multi-faceted approach. Once you’ve picked a location, you can set parameters and prioritize your interests. Based on how much time you have before you leave, you can open a savings vacation account. Whether you’re going domestic or international, creating a financial plan will ease your mind and budget. 

There are a variety of computer programs and apps to help you with money matters. Popular options include: Mint, Level Money, Visual Budget, Pageonce. Many of these are free and available on multiple platforms. You can use them on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Some of the most-popular features allow you to consolidate your bills, checking and savings accounts, and create a budget. You’ll need to have the following information when you download and get started: 

  • Your bank account numbers
  • Your income
  • Bank/Credit card numbers
  • Bill information

Accessing your program/app on a daily basis will help keep you on track. For added incentive, research your destination. If you budget consistently and cut back on extraneous spending, you will have money to spend on your vacation. It’s easier said than done, but when you find that souvenir you can’t live without or the world-renowned chef’s restaurant with your favorite dish – it will be worth it.